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Is Chilean Education for Sale?

In the largest series of political demonstrations in Chile since the call for a return to democracy in 1990, the current student-led education reform movement has been dominating the Chilean political scene. Thousands of Chilean students have taken to the streets demanding large-scale systematic educational reforms, ranging from calls for free public education, increased state… Read more »

Joga Bonito? The Struggles of Hosting a World Cup

The eyes of the world will be on Brazil starting June 12 as the 2014 FIFA World Cup commences in São Paolo. The mecca of soccer will be hosting its first World Cup since 1950 and is expected to field one of the strongest teams in the world. Led by one of the rising stars… Read more »

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

On November 18, 2013 the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, returned to work after a six-week leave of absence following an emergency surgery to remove a blood clot in her brain. This polarizing and once-all powerful leader has dominated Argentine politics with a populist zeal comparable to the country’s beloved political legend, Eva… Read more »

Lessons from Cuban Healthcare

It may be strange to think that Cuba takes better care of its citizens than the United States, but in a certain sense this is true. Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate and the same life expectancy rate. Its various cancer survival rates are on par with ours and even surpass American rates for breast… Read more »