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The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Ivan Illich, an Austrian philosopher and outspoken critic of contemporary western culture, in his speech to the 1968 Conference on Inter-American Student Projects, said, “next to guns and money, the third-largest North American export is the American idealist.” The resource, replenished each year with a new graduating class of wide-eyed twenty-somethings eager to make their… Read more »

Local Voice, Global Issue – Ep. 1: Yik Yak and Campus Dialogue

Debates on issues such as political correctness have become more contentious on colleges across the nation. Yik Yak and other forms of anonymous social media are now playing a bigger role in the discussion. Since many posts have been derogatory or vacuous, should anonymous social media even be part of the discourse?

The Fatal Flaw of Border Security

Maria Ochoa will not forget the day in June 2007 when her party stumbled upon human remains while searching for an undocumented immigrant in the southern Arizona desert. We were looking for a young woman that had stayed behind with her uncle and her husband because her uncle had become ill. She was seven months… Read more »

More than the Money

Despite its widespread demonization, Wall Street continues to exert a pull over Bowdoin students. Kayla Kaufman talks to them about their motivations for entering the world of finance.

The Insidious Myth of In-Person Voter Fraud

As American democracy faces its greatest test, its core is rotting. Legislation disguised in the name of electoral integrity is making it worse.

Marketing Childhood Cancer

The truth behind exploitative marketing campaigns that do more harm than good.

The Rally at the Radisson

A reflection on and recounting of a visit to a Donald Trump rally in Nashua, New Hampshire, featuring a Brown student, Luciano Pavarotti, and a Rubik’s Cube.

To Save Our Athens

Can an ancient historian’s masterwork provide the keys to defeating ISIS twenty-four hundred years later?

The Other Refugee Crisis

Thousands of Central Americans—many of them minors—are making the dangerous trek north in search of safety and opportunity. A simple change in rhetoric could help them stay in the United States.

The Public Health Crisis of Counterfeit Drugs

Counterfeit drugs pose an astronomical and international public health concern because they threaten both the patients’ health and trust in the health care system.