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Riverdale and the High Art of Commercialization

Over the last year, following the success of Riverdale, the CW has being doing everything in its promotional power to establish the show as Gossip Girl for the new generation. For better or worse, this approach has worked. The absence of the crown jewel that was Gossip Girl left a vacuum in the heart of… Read more »

What Hulu Gets Wrong About “The Handmaid’s Tale”

In our first glimpse of June as a Handmaid—as Offred—she is sitting on the window-sill of a stark, sunlit room, wearing the distinctive red habit of the new class of women to which she belongs. Her eyes are closed, her hands are folded on her lap, and she is still. “My name is Offred. I… Read more »

“The Simpsons” and Me

There’s this one episode of “The Simpsons” where Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph are recruited by a record producer named L. T. Smash to join a boy band named “Party Posse.” It turns out that the record producer’s real name is actually Lt. L.T. Smash and he’s using Bart and his friends’ boy band music… Read more »

Hastings’ Empire

The showrunners for HBO’s Game of Thrones made headlines recently when they announced that President Obama had requested and received an advance copy of the sixth season. Out of context, the situation sounds a little funny: the president of the United States specifically requested early access to the sixth season of a TV fantasy series… Read more »